Workout Nutrition: Before, During, and After

One of the biggest questions Justin and I get asked is “Should I eat before or after my workout?” and “what should I eat?”

By now you should know that proper nutrition has a significant impact on your results. If there is any advice I can give you, i’d say a majority of your daily calories should be centered around your workout! This is when our body is most sensitive and we will get the most benefit from our calories.

Before I dig into this topic, i’d first like to clarify that this is in regards to strength training only.


  • -You will want to have some food in your system before training. Food is fuel. This is what will fuel your workout and give you strength. It is recommended to have your meal at least 1 hr prior to training. This will ensure your food isn’t sitting in your gut while you are moving around.
  • -Complex carbs are a favored source, as they provide sustained energy.
  • -Whey protein will illicit better results then any other protein. It is fast absorbing and will provide quick support in repairing muscle tissues.


  • -The average person does not need intra-workout nutrition.
  • -This is best recommended for depleted athletes wanting to prevent catabolism (breakdown or loss of muscle)
  • -BCAAs is a great supplement for dieters looking to preserve muscle mass without extra calories.


  • -The 60 minutes following your workout you are most insulin sensitive. A majority of nutrients will go directly to repairing muscle tissue rather than stored body fat.
  • -You have 3-4 other spikes of sensitivity within the 6 hours following your workout in which you should consume adequate macros.
  • -Whey Protein and Simple Carbs are the recommended source of nutrients. This will ensure the quick repair of muscle tissue and restore the depleted energy (glycogen)

Happy Training!