How To Overcome Binging

If you’ve been on a diet, you know the feeling of restriction. That binding feeling that makes you squeal at the thought of a cheese burger or even a grilled chicken sandwich for that matter. That’s the feeling of despair…

… No, seriously…

When we’re deprived of something, it’s human nature to want it more. We crave it and it tears at us on the inside. We all know that it’s true, but what happens when we give into these feelings after going so long without?


The never ending quest for food and satiety that leads to binging and eventually, complete gluttony. This is the problem that plagues most dieters including myself. After prolonged periods of calorie restriction and grueling workouts I start having odd cravings for weird foods that I don’t even like. It’s like the bodies way of peer pressure.

But how do you overcome this feeling and how do you overcome this problem? There really is no easy answer. It could come down to willpower or it could come down to tricking your body into thinking it’s not deprived. Personally, I choose the latter.

When someone is deprived of something, the easiest way to settle that feeling is to give them bits and pieces of what they’re missing. The same principle can get carried over into a diet. If you’re craving chocolate, you can have a piece or two without throwing out your whole day by just counting it in your macros. If you have 2000 calories a day to eat, then eating a 140 calorie piece of candy isn’t going to sabotage your entire day. Sure, it’s not brown rice or chicken but calories are calories for the most part.

Once you learn how to count macros correctly, you can literally throw any food type into your diet and still achieve your goals without the need for binging. This is the whole principle behind IIFYM (if it fits your macros) dieting. This type of dieting allows you the freedom to choose the foods you want as long as they fit you’re overall intake for the day.


I’m not saying go on and eat McDonalds every day and expect to lose weight, it could definitely be done but it would be extremely difficult to match their menu to a normal persons daily intake. What I am saying is, don’t be so restrictive and you won’t want to be so defiant towards binging. Have your piece of pizza, eat a burger every now and then, or go out and get that ice cream cone; just make sure that you count it into your daily intake so you’re still heading towards your end goal. It’s really that simple.

I hope this helps some of you overcome binging because it has definitely helped me and this is the best advice I can give to the viscous binge eating conundrum.

Good luck and keep it lean!