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    • What is online training?

      Online Personal Training gives you the luxury of working with a personal trainer on your time, while have someone to give you indivi

    • How does online training work?

      You will start by setting up your AJFit account and completing a consultation form. After you receive your program in your AJFit app you will track your weights and reps used at the gym. Your trainer will then review and make any necessary changes or progressions.

    • How long does it take until I receive my customized program?

      If you have signed up for the Fat to Fit Challenge, your workouts and meal plan will be ready on the first day of the challenge.

      If you have chosen a customized training program or meal plan you can expect it to be available within 5 business days. We put a lot of effort into designing programs tailored to you, therefore it is not a rushed process.

    • Do I have to take pictures of myself?

      Yes. Pictures are not shared or publicized without your permission. Although, they are an essential part of monitoring your progress. This is how we know if you are on the right track and if your program needs any adjustments.

    • Can I workout at home?

      Equipment IS required to be apart of the AJFit Army. If you have weights at home that is okay. You will specify in the consultation form what equipment you have.

  • Who is online training suited for?

    Online training can be catered to almost any clientele. Injuries and/or fitness levels are all taken into consideration when designing custom programs. Basic skills with email are required for any coaching.