About Us

About AJ Fit

AJFit is an Online Personal Training company owned and operated out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida by the power couple, Ariel & Justin Campbell. AJFit has been named the Top Personal Trainers in South Florida for 2 consecutive years. AJFit has evolved into much more then just going through the motions and counting reps. If you make the decision to change your life we are honored to be the guidance and support you need. We know that health, fitness, and nutrition is a very personalized process. A “one size fits all” approach is not practical.

We take years of hands on and personal experience in conjunction with evidence based science and create what works for YOU!


Justin has an empowering story that continues to be the force that drives him every single day. At a young age Justin was introduced to a lifestyle that involved drugs, alcohol, and anything else destructive to the body. After living this lifestyle for a few years he knew he was meant for more. Justin turned his hobby of Fitness into a career and became NASM certified. He eventually learned that by helping others reach their personal goals, he was reaching his as well. In the first few years Justin worked at base level gyms and high end facilities gaining experience and multiple success stories of clients loosing 100+

In 2013, Justin was ready for the next step. He became a business owner of Level 10 Fitness and Nutrition. Here, Justin has not only continued to help others towards a healthy lifestyle, but he had put his Nutrition and Training expertise to the test! In 2014, Justin competed with UFE and took home the 1st place trophy as a Fitness Model.

Today, Justin owns and operates an in-home training business out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his wife and business partner, Ariel. His clientele now consists of multiple CEOs and celebrities in the South Florida region. Even with so much success Justin continues to show excellence in every aspect of his career and remains hungry for every opportunity in his future.


Ariel learned the value of health and wellness at a young age. Both her parents were diagnosed, a year apart, with life threatening diseases. After living in and out of hospitals she quickly realized this is not what she wanted for her future.

Ariel was an athlete throughout school and practiced vegetarianism. She graduated high school and went on to become a full time hairstylist. In 2012 she met Justin and was introduced to the art and practice of bodybuilding. She quickly adapted to this lifestyle and would stop at nothing to excel. In 2014 she competed with UFE and took home a 2nd Place Trophy as a Fitness Model. Today, Ariel is now a certified Personal Trainer and building a trail of success in South Florida along side her Husband and Business Partner, Justin.

Ariel has a passion for making others feel healthy, beautiful, and confident. A Healthy and active lifestyle is what she would like to pass on to everyone in her path.